Welcome to Placemaking

Placemaking (formerly Identity, Environment & Art) is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of cultural development through the arts, culture and heritage.

Founded in 1994 by Marily Cintra, Placemaking works with multidisciplinary teams in the development of vibrant places that are meaningful to the people who live, work or use the spaces. To us, each place is special and unique, Placemaking assist in the creation of supportive environments that reflect their heritage, culture, needs and hopes.

Each project is crafted with innovation and creativity. We welcome you to our site and invite you to a dialogue. Please contact us for comments or questions.

Placemaking was founded in 1994 with the aim of providing professional cultural services that facilitates the development of public places that reflects local needs and aspirations.

During our first five years we developed a significant number of placemaking programs in healthcare facilities in Australia. All projects were established as action research and we decided to form Health and Arts Research Centre, Inc. a not for profit organisation to support, expand and articulate the integration of arts, culture and heritage in health.

Please visit HARC and browse through some of our latest projects, and resources.